Saturday, July 15, 2017

Summer and Beyond!

We are well into summer. Are you ready? It is important to have your child evaluated early so you know what their strengths are and what they are struggling with or what they need to improve on over the summer.

We host evaluation exams and specialize in English Language Arts: improving grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing in English.

Our best program is the Young Writers Program which applies all our tutoring knowledge but with the focus of teaching children and teens to write a story from the planning phase to the editing phase (skills they can use in any field of study). The end result is publication in an anthology, learning the publishing process and marketing themselves as they host their own book launch! Life skills that stay with them forever.

Let us know what interest you. or what your needs are.

Exam practice and evaluation:
$100 (by appointment)

English Summer Program:
$50/ half-day (3-hrs 9am-12pm or 1-4pm)
4 days per week (Monday thru Thursday)
2 week sessions:
- July 3-13
- July 17-27
- July 31 - August 10
- August 14-24

Young Writers Program $200/m September through May
* December is free for open writing practice
* June is free presentation practice and book launch

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Teaching Through Genres

If you missed our Facebook post, we have posted it here to help inspire you.

Looking for new ways to encourage reading and writing? Try tapping into a fun theme. Star Wars. Harry Potter. Marvel Super Heroes. Look for events around town that are part of your child's/teen's favorite genre.

Example: Maplestone Academy is a Harry Potter themed event that happens once a month for a year where your child could immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter for that one day each month. There they will be challenged to problem-solve, learn bits of creative science, practice their reading and writing and comprehension... all within the setting of something totally fun!

Example: Montreal ComicCon is a huge science fiction/comic.fantasy convention that happens in July. Get your child/teen involved but reading about their favorite characters, learning how to cosplay, meeting actors, artists and writers in person! What a great way to inspire young learners!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year Plan

We hope the holidays were good for everyone. We are preparing for summer, already! Report cards should be coming in very soon. Tutoring is available.

In the Summer, you can expect the exam evaluations to be available once more, as well as a summer writing program in English. Writing and grammar exercises with fun and exciting themes explored through innovative methods to inspire your child and improve their writing.

Young Writer's Program will be gearing up as well for a new round. 

Contact us for more information.